still images

Summer Value Wines,
for SPAR.
Spring 2024
Deliverables: Creation of three bespoke cocktails and food pairings featuring SPAR's new range of wines. Still images for social and website, along with three videos for Instagram.

We managed to capture 22 photos and 3 videos in just one day for the client, generating amazing value for cost.

The BIG Deals of Christmas,
for SPAR.
Winter 2023
Deliverables: Creation of four bespoke cocktails featuring their four BIG deal products. Still images for social and website, along with four videos for Instagram.

Bathtub Gin, Atom Brands
Fall 2019
Deliverables: Creation and photography of easy to make cocktails for the home bartender.

Fall 2020
Deliverables: Set styling for launch of their new Pear Gin and seasonal warm cocktails with their ciders.

Drambuie, A Taste of the Unexpected
Summer 2024
Deliverables: Total shoot coordination and ideation.

A suite of 18 images for use on Pinteret and social media featuring two distinct hosting scenes. Coordinating video shoot with four external actors for Pinterest Ads.
Three social media videos ideated and created showcasing the Drambuie Iced Espresso.
All this, under budget.